In Texas a middle schooler has only a 15% chance of going to college

No matter whether its TAKS or STAAR, there is an elephant in the schoolyard on Texas testing – and that is student performance. To quote a well-writtten op-ed piece in Houston Chronicle’s Sunday Outlook Section, “in general, the percentage of students passing is high and continues to rise. But passing isn’t good enough.

…students who simply pass the exams are not ready for the next level of study. Just passing third grade reading does not make you ready to move to fourth grade reading; just passing ninth grade math does not mean you will be successful in 10th grade math.

Lots of parents and students didn’t know this under TAKS, and they still don’t know it under STAAR. So what does predict readiness? in the TAKS system, students had to score a higher number of correct answers and earn a performance level called ‘commended.’ In the new STAAR system, this higher level is called ‘advanced.'” Let’s get the word out and get our students prepared for meaningful futures. If you want more information the not-for-profit Houston A+ Challenge is a great place to start!

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Dear Valued Supplier – May I Use Your Creditworthiness to Make My EPS Target this Quarter?

On February 11th, oil service giant Halliburton recently sent a letter to its “valued suppliers” informing them that it had changed the company’s standard payment terms to net 60 days.  In effect, Halliburton values its suppliers so much that it is going to delay payment to them by 30 days from receipt of invoice.

What a great way to show how much they value their suppliers. Or maybe they are just saying “we’re big” so we can take advantage of you and you’re too small to fight us on this. And the small business supplier is now in the position of funding Halliburton’s operations for an additional 30 days. Meanwhile the small business must pay its bills on time and  incurs its expenses in advance of providing services to Halliburton, so that it is out-of-pocket for considerably longer than 60 days.

Apparently, Halliburton is joining the ranks of other big businesses in late paying small business as the following clip illustrates:

No wonder small business isn’t dashing to the rescue of the economy in hiring additional employees and ramping up for growth. Small business cash is tied up in the hands of the larger, more powerful companies.

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Houston – Need Bedding Plants Post Freeze? DFF is Selling Bedding Plants to Raise Funds For Scholarships

Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) is holding a bedding plants sale all day Saturday and Sunday at 747 N. Shepherd Dr #400.

The plant sale will be held in connection with the international Svetlana Boguinskaia gymnastics meet at Discover Gym, and will be held throughout the gymnastics events, so you can stop by anytime. Get the bedding plants you need to get your garden back into shape and help children get the scholarships they need that will benefit them for life.

DFF is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides gymnastics scholarships to children who are obese, have special needs or are talented but have no funds.

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